Vibe /vʌɪb/ verb.

to transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere).


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Our RnB entertainment services are designed to serve you. Our team want to know you, your business, ideas, and event direction. Using this knowledge alongside our industry expertise, we can accurately align the best DJs, Rnb musicians and overall entertainment services you require.

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We bring soul-flecked beats and rich melodies to events of any scale, and carefully curated party experiences. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large event, we bring our creative expertise and database of talent to make your vision come to life. In addition to sourcing entertainment, we do hosting, organising unforgettable events and if that’s not enough Let’s Vibe also sign local talent and mentor them into hopefully becoming the next big star.

Our DJs know how to get the dance floor buzzing, holding regular takeover nights and special events at venues such as Golden Monkey, Toff in Town and Whitehart Bar.

If you didn’t get it on camera, did it even happen? Our photographers, videographers and AV professionals ensure your event is captured for posterity.

Our dancers instantly elevate the vibe of any event, being one of the most popular choices for live entertainment for events of all types.

No matter which selection of services you need, we’ve got you. Take the burden off your hands with our event management professionals. Any event will go seamlessly thanks to the guidance and initiative of Let’s Vibe event managers.

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Broken down, Lets Vibe is made out of four key components:


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