Vibe /vʌɪb/ verb.

to transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere).


Live Music

Let’s Vibe have access to Melbourne’s most talented R&B and soul singers with a world of experience when it comes to putting on stunning live performances for clients. From well-known artists to up and coming local talent, our connections go far and wide in the Australian RnB and soul scene.

The music at your event is like the cherry on top, while also simultaneously being one of the most important factors. In order to ensure your event is enjoyed by all, you can’t afford to neglect your choice of live music.

You may wish to dedicate a whole part of your event to a live performance, providing a unique and intimate type of entertainment for your guests. Or you may simply want there to be live singers putting on a show in the background throughout your event to create a lively and warm ambience. No matter your ideal choice of live music, Let’s Vibe can hook you up with the most suitable option.

We can fully curate party experiences with the music of your choosing, with our database of talent making any vision come to life. In fact, venues like Whitehart Bar and Golden Monkey rely on us for our regular takeover events which feature stellar live music.

Whether you want a soul crooner or an energetic band that’ll get the party started, Let’s Vibe have the network to connect you with the right entertainment.

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