Vibe /vʌɪb/ verb.

to transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere).



Lets Vibe has access to a database of over 100 DJs in Melbourne. Predominately in the RnB genre however we do have connections with DJs of all genres so you’re never limited for choice.

Our DJs know just how to put together the perfect selection of beats to achieve the mood you desire at your next event. They are also highly adaptive, working in accordance with the vibe of your guests.

Our DJs are carefully hand-selected based on their ability to create an unbeatable vibe. Whether you want to get the dance floor started at a party or just need to set a romantic mood with some ambient beats at a wedding, we’ll have the perfect entertainment for you.

If a DJ isn’t quite your style, we also offer other music entertainment options. Tune in and vibe out to Melbourne’s top urban musicians and entertainers with Let’s Vibe and our RnB entertainment services. We bring soul-flecked beats and rich melodies to events of any scale, being known for our unmatched selection of RnB entertainment and carefully curated party experiences. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large event, we bring our creative expertise and database of talent to make your vision come to life. In addition to hosting and organising unforgettable events, Let’s Vibe also sign local talent to provide an experience like no other.

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