Vibe /vʌɪb/ verb.

to transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere).


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If you didn’t get it on camera, did it even happen? Our photographers, videographers and AV professionals ensure your event is captured for posterity.

While we all have smart phones on hand to capture moments, it can often mean we are taken out of the moment ourselves, stressing about getting the perfect snaps instead of enjoying the event ourselves. To ensure you and all your guests can enjoy themselves while also capturing memories, a professional videographer or photographer from Let’s Vibe is needed. Our photographers know just how to capture all those candid moments, as well as take all the glamorous event shots you’ve been waiting for.

Professional photographer and videographer services are also invaluable for businesses or event promoters who want to show off what they offer to potential customers and clients. With a professional team at your next event, you can get all the best angles for your showreel, website, advertisements or social media campaigns. Our team know how to blend in seamlessly at your event, having captured stunning images and videos at venues such as Golden Monkey, Toff in Town and Whitehart Bar.

For complete entertainment services, there’s no looking past Let’s Vibe.

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